Directions to Loyola

Directions to campus are available here: 

Map of Loyola University

Once on campus a pdf of the main campus map is available here:

Transportation By Car

There are some pay-to-park spots in front of the university, in the horseshoe, and some in the West Rd. parking garage (which is close to the front).

The Danna Center building is in the middle of campus and isn’t accessible directly by a road.  If you are taking an Uber or Lyft (Lyft seems more popular and generally less expensive in New Orleans), you will likely get dropped off in front of campus, on St. Charles Ave where the streetcar goes by.  From there, the Danna Center is a few buildings.  

Transportation by Street Car

If you do not have access to a car and want to easily and cheaply get around the city, the streetcar is a great option.  An unlimited day pass is only a few dollars.  You can use cash but no change will be given (so if you only have a $20 bill then their day pass will cost ups $20).  The app for the streetcar is called Le Pass. You would just need to create a free account and link it to a credit card. The app will show exactly where each streetcar, bus, or ferry is located and estimated time of arrival.  It is recommended you download and install it, and set up their account before you actually need it.  Streetcar operators won’t wait for someone to do all that since they’re on a schedule.

Walking from the Alder Hotel

There is not a shuttle bus between the Alder hotel and the university.  It’s a 1 mile walk if someone wanted to do that instead of driving, Lyft, or taking the streetcar.