Proposal Submission

We invite college and university faculty and practitioners from all disciplines to submit proposals on topics of innovative pedagogical strategies. We are particularly excited to highlight presentations that center around ideas such as artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other horizon technologies in higher education.

Session formats include 50-minute interactive learning sessions, panels,  or roundtable presentations, and 20-minute academic research sessions.  Posters will also be considered.

The Mission of ISETL is to provide opportunities to share evidence-based instructional practices and research related to teaching and learning in higher education in a collegial, interactive environment that leads to positive changes in teaching practice.

Proposal Timeline

Proposals Due – May 1, 2024
Review Deadline – June 10, 2024
Notifications – June 15, 2024

All proposals must contain the following information:

  1. Presentation Type: There are four types of presentations:
    • Practice session – 45 minute session highlighting a pedagogical practice
    • Research session – 45 minute session highlighting recent pedagogical research
    • Poster session – 30 minute session  describing innovative pedagogical practices or research in the form of a poster.
  2. Presentation Title: The presentation title should be descriptive and no longer than 50 words
  3. Presentation Abstract: The presentation abstract should be approximately 50-100 words in length and should provide an indication of the proposed presentation’s subject, content, and delivery method. This abstract will be printed and distributed to all conference attendees at the conference.
  4. Proposals should include the following sections:
    • Objectives – What will participants be able to do, think, etc. as a result of attending your presentation?
    • Primary Audience – Who is the primary audience for your presentation?
    • Activities – How will interactions with participants be fostered?
    • Summary – Up to 1000 words
    • References – Up to 5
    • Proposal Keywords – 3-5 keywords