Distinguished Fellows Outstanding Presentation Award

 Award Winners and Presentation
2018Krista Terry, Appalachian State University
2016Tamara Goldbogen, Weber State UniversityCreative Processes in the Elementary Classroom: An Introduction to Drama-Based Pedagogy
2014Cynthia Ramsey and Oeida Hatcher, Lynchburg College
Ignite Student Engagement: Sparking Creativity in the Collegiate Classroom
2010Kelly Parkes, Virginia Tech
Enhancing Learning with Music: Strategies for Promoting Critical and Higher Order Thinking
2009Joan Monahan Watson, Virginia Tech
Aiding and Abetting the Narcissist 2.0: Personal Epistemologies, Constructivist Pedagogies, and the 21st Century Student 
2008Martha Costello, Clayton State University
Adults Just Want to Have Fun: Implementing Humor as an Effective Strategy for the Reduction of Stress and Enhancement of Communication in Learning
2007Celina Byers, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Serious Play: Games That Enable the Proceduralization of Complex Content
2006Lisa William-White, Parrish Geary, Idara Essien-Wood, Gary Muccular, Cline Moor, Jonathan Wood, Cacee Belton, Toni Newman, Santice Davise, California State University, Sacramento
Cultivating the Promise: A Model for Promoting Scholarship Development, Mentorship and Activism amongst Emergent Black Educators and Scholars in the ‘Academy’
2005Rebecca Mattern, Scott Andrews-Weckerly, University of Delaware
There’s Something About Mary: A Problem-based Learning Approach to Academic Motivation
2004Martha Wicker, Clayton State University
Real Action Heroes: Adventures in Active Learning
2003Diane Aschenbrenner, Ronald Berk, Johns Hopkins University
So You Want to Be a Star: Professor Search!