ISETL’s Common Read for our 50th Anniversary!

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Small teaching: Everyday lessons from the science of learning.

James M. Lange (2016)

San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Joining the ISETL common read allows you to collaborate with educators around the world regarding effective instructional practices that capture students’ attention and enhances engagement.  Small Teaching is an intriguing text that bridges the gap between research and practice by providing simple “takeaways” to boost student learning in a higher education environment.  A framework to accelerate students’ knowledge, understanding, and inspiration is delivered through brief classroom or online activities, one-time interventions, and small modifications in course design.  By participating in ISETL’s common read, you can learn to easily implement “small teaching” aspects to make substantial improvements to the learning environment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to acquire more techniques to enrich students’ cognitive skills, deepen their understanding, and advance their own learning!  Grab your copy today at any bookstore or Amazon!

Find us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and look for various upcoming opportunities to interact with the text and ISETL members.

In addition, plan to join us in Charlotte on Saturday morning, October 12thfor the common read discussion panel and presentation.

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Here’s How It Works:

Every two weeks we will be discussing a chapter on social media and on our website.

Get the book, read the chapter, read our prompts, consider how you might answer them. You can make a post on social media through Facebook or Twitter.

Jump in anytime!  Just found out about us?  Read past posts and comments and jump in!

Look for information about live discussions in August and September!

The Schedule

June 10: Chapter 1: Retrieving

June 24: Chapter 2: Predicting

July 8: Chapter 3: Interleaving


Sept 10: Chapter 1: Retrieving

Sept 12: Chapter 2: Predicting

Sept 14: Chapter 3: Interleaving

SEPT 16:  Chapter 4: Connecting

SEPT 18: Chapter 5: Practicing

SEPT 20: Chapter 6: Self-Explaining


SEPT 25: Chapter 7: Motivating

SEPT 27:  Chapter 8: Growing

SEPT 30: Chapter 9: Expanding

October 7: Final discussion guide for the conference panel on Saturday, October 12, 2019